Planarian Datasets

This page is meant to summarize information about any datasets (containing sequences, annotations, images, etc) that can help on the day by day work to anybody in the planarian field. Your suggestions are welcomed biggrin!!!

SmedGD - Schmidtea mediterranea Genome Browser

This database is built around the Schmidtea mediterranea genome assembly produced at Washington University in Saint Louis(external link), where the genome was sequenced. You can visualize the annotations all over the genomic contigs on a genome browser based on G-Browse. BLAST searches against the assembled sequences can be performed also from this web site.


Gene search in the Smed454 datasets

Click the link below to access to the Smed454 datasets website. There you will be able to search for genes and download raw data, the assemblies of the 454 sequences with 90% and 98% of similarity, the assembly of the 454 sequences with the about 10,000 UniGenes currently available at NCBI and, finally, the files containing the functional GO annotations.


Planarian Neoblast Proteomics datasets

Fernández-Taboada et al paper(external link) has links to some supplementary material, as well as a web page. This page contains both raw and processed data from the proteomics experiments and the posterior computational analyses. You can access from this link:


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