(Picture of Karen Smeets and Tom Artois)
Artois' Lab

Because of the presence of a unique stem cell system and because of multiple experimental advantages, flatworms are ideal candidate model organisms to asses (geno)toxicity, teratology and carcinogenity. We use the freshwater planarian Schmidtea mediterranea and the marine turbellarian Macrostomum lignano to study the underlying (epi)genetic processes and effects on stem cell dynamics of (carcinogenic) pollutants such as heavy metals. The research focuses on oxidative stress and its role during signal transduction, carcinogen metabolism and DNA repair. Knowledge about underlying molecular mechanisms will be used in laboratory tests for evaluating the toxicity of pollutants in vivo using intact organisms.

Web site
http://www.uhasselt.be/english/onderzoek/groepen/teams_p_vakgroep/abstract_groep.asp?id=52(external link)

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